An Analysis of the Impact and Efficacy of an Online Mindfulness-based Intervention as a Support for First-year University Students.



As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, several university courses transitioned to online delivery, therefore, educators and students alike faced new challenges associated with the delivery of modules as well as provision of the necessary student supports. Given the scale of this transition, it is likely that many universities will continue to teach remotely far beyond the reach of any pandemic specific restrictions. This study sought to explore the impact and efficacy of a five-week online mindfulness course to a cohort of first-year university students (n = 25) at Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), Ireland. Results found that participation in the course led to decreased levels of perceived stress for students and increased levels of resilience. Students who took the course reported that it provided them with emotional support and also aided them in finding a healthy work-life balance and that ultimately, they felt the course broadened their perspective and helped them be more aware of coping mechanisms.






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