Situating academic writing in the undergraduate curriculum: Some reflections

Brid Delahunt, Ann Everitt Reynolds, Moira Maguire, Frances Sheridan


Despite considerable efforts across the Higher Education (HE) sector to promote academic writing, concerns continue to be raised about standards. While a considerable body of research exists on academic writing, the relationship between the curriculum and academic writing has not been explored in depth. In light of the current level of concern about academic literacy standards (Department of Education and Skills, 2011), coupled with the publication of the National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030 (Hunt, 2011), it is appropriate that we analyse how we are addressing academic writing within our curricula. In this paper we examine our own undergraduate curricula in Nursing and Health Disciplines and critically reflect on aspects that may facilitate or hinder the development of academic writing. Suggestions are made for ways in which ‘space’ can be created within the curriculum for academic writing to be fostered.


Key words: Academic literacy; Academic writing; Undergraduate Curriculum; Nursing.



academic writing; the curriculum; Nurse education; assessment

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