Considering the impact of nationally and internationally after nine years of the survey


  • Siobhan Nic Fhlannchadha Irish Survey of Student Engagement
  • Sue Hackett
  • David Denieffe
  • Karena Maguire
  • Maura McGinn
  • Frances O'Connell
  • Megan O'Connor
  • Sean O'Reilly
  • Vivienne Patterson
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Nora Trench Bowles


In this short article, the Steering Group offers some observations about the development of the Irish Survey of Student Engagement since its inception in 2012. The article also considers what impact means for, before discussing some of the ways in which the results of (and PGR have had impact nationally and internationally. One way is the inclusion of in national quality assurance reviews, which has highlighted some of the opportunities and challenges in demonstrating the impact of within participating institutions. The publication of this article coincides with the publication of the Trend Analysis Research 2016-2021, which is briefly discussed. Some final remarks are offered.