Perceptions of the Challenges and Effectiveness of Students on Internal Quality Assurance Review Panels: A Study Across Higher Education Institutions.


  • Cassie Lowe
  • Tom Lowe University of Winchester


TThis study evaluates the challenges and the effectiveness of students engaging
in quality assurance (QA) review processes in higher education institutions. The
research team set out to uncover and explore the benefits of working in
partnership with students in QA processes and highlight the potential barriers
to a more inclusive engagement, in order to work towards widening the diversity
of student voices in these initiatives and academic development opportunities
more broadly. We used a snowball sampling methodology and received
responses from 35 higher education institutions. The main findings of this study
have demonstrated the value of working with students as partners in QA
processes, due to their fresh perspectives and expertise in student experience
that can challenge the status quo. However, this study has also importantly
highlighted the potential pitfalls of the recruitment processes, in particular the
need for further action to be taken to diversify the pool of students from which
the Student Reviewers are recruited, and the need to develop effective training
to support students to be successful in their roles.

Author Biographies

Cassie Lowe

Cassie Lowe, University of Winchester - Cassie Lowe is a researcher in the Learning and Teaching Development team at the University of Winchester. Until October 2017, she was a researcher on the HEFCE-funded REACT project, which supported the collaborative development of Student Engagement practices across the UK. She is also an Hourly-Paid Lecturer in English Literature and she is working towards the completion of her PhD in English Literature and Psychoanalysis.

Tom Lowe, University of Winchester

Tom Lowe, University of Winchester - Tom is the Head of Student Engagement and Employability where he leads the University’s careers, student development and extra-curricular opportunities, staffing and strategies relating to fostering student success. Tom is also the Vice Chair (Acting) for the international network RAISE (Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement) and the programme leader for the MA in Student Engagement in Higher Education.