From Students-as-Partners theory to Students-as-Partners practice: reflecting on staff-student collaborative partnership in an academic development context.



Informed by principles of action research and presented in the form of a report-like reflective enquiry, this article outlines and contextualises key aspects of Students-as-Partners (‘SaP’) practice as implemented and experienced in an educational development context in academic year 2020/21. Reflecting on their own experiences of the SaP model, the authors set out principles and prompt questions that aim to support teaching and learning centres and/or academic departments to integrate SaP activity in their own practices. These reflections are outlined, discussed, and positioned in relation to the growing SaP literature base. The article is accompanied by a student-generated short resource pack intended to provide practical advice supporting a broad audience of staff and students to take first or next steps with staff-student partnership approaches in their own institutional contexts.

Keywords: Resources; Students-as-partners; Student partnership.

Author Biographies

Jonathan Michael Johnston, Trinity College Dublin

Academic Developer, Centre for Academic Practice, Trinity College Dublin

Ben Ryan, Trinity College Dublin

Ben Ryan is a former IUA Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning intern and a student partner working in collaboration with Academic Practice. At the time of article submission he was a rising finalist in Business, Economics, and Social Science ('BESS') at Trinity.