Partnering with Students Through Peer Video Learning at University College Dublin


  • Crystal Fulton
  • Claire McGuinness
  • Paige Pope Pope
  • Emma Owens
  • Gina Cohen
  • Marta Bustillo
  • Suzanne Guerin
  • Andrew Browne



This paper reviews the experience and outcomes of video creation for peer learning within an online, self-paced undergraduate module centred on building digital research skills for social science students. The project was inspired by the ‘students as partners’ model and allowed students to contribute to future students' learning through original resource creation. This paper explores the background and context for the project, the process of student engagement and video creation, and project outcomes and future directions. Because student participation was at the heart of the project design and intention, the paper also includes reflective contributions from two students who participated as well as the experience of the Master’s student who served as the Video and Project Assistant.