Investigating students’ opinions on how university career services should operate in a post COVID-19 Ireland


  • Patrick Phillips Trinity College Dublin
  • Lena Klein
  • Daniela Fernandez Duran
  • Dylan Tierney
  • Madeleine Granger Lobry
  • Niall Murphy
  • Olivia Orgias
  • Chiara Carcione


This article was written by current students and recent graduates of Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin in conjunction with a guidance counsellor from the college. The goal of the paper is to provide suggestions on what university careers services in Ireland could consider when providing services to students in a post COVID-19 world. The recommendations are as follows 1) embedding careers as a module in the course curricula so that students feel encouraged to engage with career exploration rather than perceive it as optional, 2) focus on developing closer relationships with students with a view to fostering more in depth career exploration, 3) using technology in a manner that supports the development of closer working relationships between student and guidance counsellors, and 4) guidance counsellors to consider introducing green guidance so as to encourage students to consider the wider ecological implications of their career decisions.