The Student Perspective: The Reality of Being the "Lucky Student"


  • Beth McKeague Maynooth University


covid-19, coronavirus, pandemic, student experience, academic engagement, learning


This reflective piece looks at the impact of the COVID-19 emergency on the learning, academic engagement, and student experience of an undergraduate student in Ireland. The piece highlights the practical difficulties that an undergraduate student faces while conducting their academic studies from home, the worries facing students as a result of the pandemic, and the question of whether problems are arising as a result of working from home or from the COVID-19 emergency itself and how it has changed people's lives. Furthermore, the author illustrates how they are privileged in terms of their living conditions and current student experience, and that the struggles of other students may be exacerbated by their financial, housing, and social context.

Author Biography

Beth McKeague, Maynooth University

Department of Psychology, Fourth Year Undergraduate BSc Psychology Student