Teaching Approaches and Best Practice in Large Group Teaching for Novice Educators: Real-world Example


  • Siobhán Smyth
  • Timothy Frawley UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems UCD College of Health Sciences
  • Louise Murphy National University of Ireland


Reflection, large group teaching, lesson planning, teaching approaches, student engagement, best practice guidelines, novice educators, educational theory


This paper focuses on teaching and learning approaches that assist novice and other educators in higher education. These principles are applied to a real-world example of an undergraduate teaching session inclusive of local and international nursing students. Educational theory pertaining to the session is briefly discussed, however, the focus is on the teaching and learning strategies applied. Specific attention is afforded to lesson planning, active learning, and the use of technology in large group teaching. The responsibility of the educator to promote teaching credibility, student engagement, and pre-lecture preparation is reviewed with reference to key literature, while strategies to achieve best practice are proposed.






Reflections, Journeys and Case Studies