Road LessTravelled, a Road Nonetheless


  • Breda Mc Taggart Insitute of Technology, Sligo
  • Aine Doherty Institute of Technology Sligo
  • Cillian Murchu Institute of Technology Sligo


online learning, effective pedagogy, professional identity.


Globalisation of learning, digitalisation of learning are part of new learning environments. Such evolutions are significant as it alters the way education is delivered and supported (Fahey, 2014). For many educators, this move to digitisation of learning is a natural progression, a decision, a choice. While for others it is a requirement incorporated as part of changing pedagogy and plans within an organisation inducing some educators to feel that it is imposed upon them. Using a self-study methodology, supported by naturalistic diaries and analysed through the process of content data analysis, this research study explored this journey with four academics who have moved from a traditional classbased lecturing methodology to one where online learning, and in particular synchronous delivery, is a requirement for the programmes they deliver.
While findings acknowledge the potential that this learning platform provides to participants and their students, they also articulate the fears and anxieties that such a change brought with it for educators. This extended not only to their practices and their pedagogy but most surprisingly, to their professional identity in its totality. Forcing them to explore and ask questions about their roles as professional educators within a higher education space.

Author Biography

Breda Mc Taggart, Insitute of Technology, Sligo

Breda is the Head of Department of Social Sciences in IT Sligo. Her research interests are within the field of education and its relationship to improved life outcomes for society members. Her current research activities explore the space and place of education and the challenges to learning within these spaces.






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