Programmatic Assessment: A Paradigm Shift in Medical Education


  • Roger Ellis OBE Professor Roger Ellis OBE DSc DPhil MSc BA(Hons) C Psychol AFBPS FHEA TCert Director, Social and Health Evaluation Unit (SHEU) Professor Emeritus in Applied Psychology University of Ulster Emeritus Professor of Psychology University of Chester Visiting Professor University of Bedfordshire Visiting Professor Napier University Visiting Professor Buckinghamshire New University Visiting Professor Kent State University Visiting Professor Hokkaido Imperial University Japan Visiting Professor Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  • Elaine Hogard



This article describes Programmatic Assessment, a significant innovation in Medical Education, which involves such a change in thinking and action as to merit the label paradigm shift. Programmatic Assessment is a radical approach to assessment throughout the medical education programme devised to address endemic problems in assessment and their deleterious effects on the curriculum and student learning. While the focus is on Medical Education the ideas, issues and approaches are relevant to professional education more broadly. 






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