An analysis of the impact of formative peer assessment and screencast tutor feedback on veterinary nursing students’ learning

Bernadette Brereton, Karen Dunne


This paper examines the ways in which the learning environment can be enhanced for higher level learners by means of feedback via screencasting and peer assessment.  A group of final year veterinary nursing students in DkIT were given tutor feedback via screencasting and encouraged to formatively peer assess each other’s work.  Their attitudes to these feedback methods and their reflections on the usefulness of these methods for their learning form the basis of this paper.  Deep learning, improved communication leading to greater social cohesion in the learning group and increased self-confidence are positive outcomes which such methods can evince if learner fear and apprehension is carefully addressed and controlled.


Veterinary nurse, peer assessment, student engagement, technology-enabled learning, screencasting, formative feedback, confidence

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