On the Use and Evaluation of a Smart Device Student Response System in an Undergraduate Mathematics Classroom


  • Seamus McLoone Maynooth University
  • Conor Brennan Dublin City University


Classroom Response Systems, Student Response Systems, Classroom Interaction


This paper outlines the use and evaluation of a recently developed smart device student response system (SDSRS) in an undergraduate engineering mathematics classroom. This unique SDSRS allows for a more flexible input than existing response systems, such as clickers, and thus offers students a mechanism for sketching graphs, writing equations and annotating figures. This type of information content is particularly relevant in mathematical-based modules, where the methodology is often more important than the answer itself. The SDSRS also allows the lecturer to instantly capture this real-time information from the students and, hence, obtain quick and valuable insight to the students’ comprehension and use of the taught material. In turn, the lecturer can provide the students with immediate and arguably more useful feedback to address any apparent deficiencies in knowledge that may have arisen.


The SDSRS was used in a first year Engineering Mathematics module in the School of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University (DCU) to evaluate its potential usefulness to both the lecturer and the students. This paper outlines the evaluation study carried out and presents detailed feedback from both the lecturer and the students involved. It is worth noting that neither party had seen or used the SDSRS previously. Overall, highly positive feedback was obtained, as is summarised within.

Author Biographies

Seamus McLoone, Maynooth University

Lecturer, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Maynooth University.

Conor Brennan, Dublin City University

Lecturer, School of Electronic Engineering, DCU






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