Working with the challenge of designing and implementing a stand-alone learning to learn module in a large Arts programme.


  • Geraldine Mary O'Neill UCD Teaching & Learning, University College Dublin
  • Suzanne Guerin UCD School of Psychology, University College Dublin


module design, study skills, first years, stand-alone, process and product-orientation


Supporting students through the development of their learning to learn (L2L) skills is one approach to supporting transition to higher education. The literature highlights that the most successful approach is to embed these skills into the curriculum, which requires a systematic and co-ordinated staff approach. However, as our institution’s BA programme had multiple pathways, it was difficult to attempt to systematically embed this approach, therefore we were faced with the challenge of having to pilot a ‘stand-alone’ module. The module was designed based on an extensive review of the literature. 331 1st year students were part of a pilot study. The results, from an action research mixed methods approach, highlighted that the students had mixed views on the relevance of the module. The most relevant theme was ‘time-management’. The students performed well on the module, but were they were less satisfied with it than their other modules. The discussion highlights the debate surrounding supporting students L2L skills and presents suggestions for improving modules that are required to stand-alone. 






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