A Novel Smart Device Student Response System for Supporting High Quality Active Learning in the Engineering and Science Disciplines


  • Seamus McLoone
  • Rudi Villing
  • Simon O'Keeffe


smart device based response systems, classroom response systems, student response systems


This paper proposes and presents a unique smart device student response system (SDSRS) that allows for a more flexible input than existing classroom response systems, such as clickers. This, in turn, allows students to respond to the lecturer with higher quality and more relevant information and, thus, improves their active learning. This is of particular relevance in the science and engineering disciplines where methodology is as important, if not more so, than the final answer. The SDSRS allows the lecturer to quickly obtain this pertinent information in real-time within the classroom environment.

The proposed system consists of three main elements, namely a student sketch application, a lecturer view-and-edit application and a central cloud-based service to co-ordinate the exchange of information between the two applications. The system was evaluated within two different engineering classrooms, with very positive feedback obtained from both the lecturers and students involved. Details of the evaluation process, and the feedback obtained, are presented within.

Author Biographies

Seamus McLoone

Lecturer, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, NUI Maynooth

Rudi Villing

Lecturer, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, NUI Maynooth

Simon O'Keeffe

Ph.D. Student, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, NUI Maynooth






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