Strategies for Advancing Global Trends in University Civic Engagement � the Talloires Network, a Global Coalition of Engaged Universities


  • Lorlene M Hoyt Talloires Network and Tufts University
  • Robert M Hollister Talloires Network and Tufts University


higher education, civic engagement, social responsibility, networks


This article discusses trends in the global university civic engagement movement: the dynamic leadership being exerted by the heads of universities, diversity of approach with universality of vision, the increasing integration of civic engagement in teaching and research, and the growing role and impacts of global, regional and national networks. It then presents selected programs and activities of the Talloires Network, a global coalition of institutions committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education. The co-authors reflect on the Network’s strategies for advancing key trends: providing and increasing financial resources, co-producing new knowledge for action, increasing public awareness for university civic engagement, investing in faculty and staff professional development, and fostering South-North dialogue and collaboration. 






Invited Reflections