Embedding Knowledge Exchange within Irish Universities- International Shifts Towards a Hybrid Academic?


  • Eidin O'Shea Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development, University of Southern Queensland


Irish Higher Education, National Policy, Knowledge Exchange



The recent literature is comprehensive in outlining how higher education internationally is immersed in operational and cultural change with fiscal challenges placing immense focus on competition. This paper is primarily focused on the knowledge exchange policy/practice nexus in Ireland. The term knowledge exchange is adopted while recognizing the evident overlap with many other related concepts such as knowledge transfer, university community engagement, integrative applied research, and engaged scholarship. This paper provides an overview of recent international shifts on responding and supporting a more coordinated approach to knowledge exchange initiatives as a response for universities to provide for greater social accountability. This paper will reflect on the new demands on Irish universities and argues for the need for more attention and support to be given on the collaborative capacity of researchers and support staff in order to embed knowledge exchange fully.






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