Creating And Sustaining Effective Learning Environments


  • Kate Day University of Edinburgh


learning environments


The nature of learning environments and how they can be enhanced to the benefit of student learning are central matters of concern for all of us involved in higher education.  The first part of this presentation discusses some of the issues which arise if you start thinking about 'what is a learning environment anyway?'.
It involves considering the role of representations, and particularly metaphors, in articulating and analysing the structures, processes and interactions entailed in learning and teaching, and leads on to a closer look at 'learning environments' and how students in particular are positioned. The focus in the second part is more practical, turning attention to some of the general challenges entailed in creating and sustaining effective learning environments and to some strategies and teaching approaches that may prove productive. Particular use is made of the findings of the ETL Project ('Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses', 2001-05).

Author Biography

Kate Day, University of Edinburgh

Centre for Teaching, Learning and Assessment and Senior Lecturer, School of Education.