Applying Digital Learning to Facilitate Student Transitions Within Higher Education Mobility Programmes: implementing the portal


  • Marta Giralt University of Limerick
  • Liam Murray University of Limerick
  • Silvia Benini University of Limerick


Digital learning, mobility programmes, pre-mobility preparation, Open Educational Resources


This article discusses the topic of digital learning, the period abroad (PA) (in study or employment) and the potential exploitation of the online portal. We will present some of the latest initiatives in higher education that offer a digital platform for students preparing for their mobility, undergoing their mobility or returning to their home university.

We will report on some of the trialled activities that offers to students and teachers to carry out, again during the three phases of the mobility programme. Data gathered during the implementation of these activities will be shown to evidence the relevance of offering (digital) support to students who are involved in their PA. We will discuss issues related to intercultural learning, practical preparation and reflective practice that directly impact upon learners’ development (socio-pragmatic, linguistic and intercultural) in their PA. Finally, some recommendations on the use of relevant portal activities will be discussed.

Author Biography

Marta Giralt, University of Limerick

Lecturer in Spanish and Applied Linguistics






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