From Conference to 5k – getting started with bidding for funding


  • Saranne Magennis Maynooth University
  • Alison Farrell Maynooth University



This brief and somewhat lighthearted guide is designed for colleagues who have never bid for funding before but think they might like to give it a try. It may also be of use to those who have had bids rejected in the past and, becoming disheartened, have not persisted with the task. The process is described as analogous to the systematic approach to developing fitness that is referred to in the phrase “From Couch to 5k”, that is going from your inactive couch focused life, to running 5 kilometres. Much like training for a race in order to be successful at bidding you will need to want to do it. However, the desire is not a sufficient condition for success. In this contribution we draw on our bidding experience to suggest what the other essential elements might be. We share lessons we have learned, and we suggest some potential places where Irish colleagues might begin to seek funding particularly to support teaching and learning related activity. The guidance is aimed specifically at those who are inexperienced in this aspect of academic work and is thus at a basic but systematic level to help with the beginning of the journey from Conference to 5k.

Author Biography

Saranne Magennis, Maynooth University

Director of Higher Education Policy Unit, NUI Maynooth.







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