Developing Quantitative Research Skills and Conceptualising an Integrated Approach to Teaching Research Methods to Education Students


  • Gillian Hampden-Thompson University of York
  • Vanita Sundaram University of York


Research methods, quantitative skills, integrated approach


Increasingly, research methods in a core component of many undergraduate social science programmes. Education is no exception. Engaging students and developing their research skills, particularly in the area of quantitative methods, is challenging. This paper presents the redesign and reconceptualisation of a compulsory research methods in education module for 2nd year undergraduates.  It highlights the approach taken and provides the results of a small exploratory study that was used to assess the student’s attitudes towards the module. The results of the study indicate that overall the students had a positive attitude towards the new research methods module and that they exhibited confidence in their quantitative research skills.

Author Biographies

Gillian Hampden-Thompson, University of York

Director of Research

Reader in Education

Department of Education, University of York.

Vanita Sundaram, University of York

Lecturer in Education






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